Professor Winnie Dunn

Dr. Dunn is Distinguished Professor of OT at the University of Missouri. She is internationally known for her research. She has published more than 125 manuscripts and has spoken around the world. She created the Sensory Profile measures; these assessments have been translated into dozens of languages for practice and research. She has received all the top honors in her field. She wrote Living Sensationally, highlighted in Time, Cosmopolitan, Canadian Public Radio and London Times. In July 2009, Living Sensationally received the Seal of Excellence from the Children of the New Earth magazine. Living Sensationally has been translated into 6 languages.

Yenn Purkis

Yenn (formerly Jeanette) Purkis is an autistic and non-binary advocate. Yenn has six published books on elements of autism including two on resilience for parents of autistic kids. They have given many keynote presentations, including for TEDx Canberra, and sit on several advisory boards and committees. Yenn has had a number of media engagements including the ABC documentary Alone in a Crowded Room.

Yenn was the 2016 ACT Volunteer of the Year and has a number of other awards for community leadership. Yenn has facilitated a women's support group in Canberra since 2011 and has worked for the Australian Public Service since 2007.

Professor Vicki Anderson

Professor Vicki Anderson BA (Hons), MA (Clin Neuropsych), PhD, FAPS, FASSA, FAAHMS, FASSBI
Vicki is a paediatric clinical neuropsychologist and child health researcher. She is Head of Psychology, Royal Children’s Hospital, Director, Clinical Sciences Research, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and NHMRC Senior Practitioner Fellow. She has published over 500 papers and 7 books. Her work has focussed on understanding the consequences of early brain insult and translating findings into clinical practice to optimise child outcomes from brain injury. Major recent work includes: i) publication of Test of Everyday Attention for Children-2 ii) development of accessible, low burden, e-health parent treatments to optimise child and family outcomes; iii) PEERs, a novel, iPad delivered assessment tool for social competence.