Autism Forum 2019 Agenda

We have built an inspiring agenda for the the Autism Forum attendees geared toward providing practical strategies for you in your day to day role as a professional practitioner.

Our agenda will be updated closer to the event

Time Topic Speaker Session Summary
8:00am Registration Open
9:00am Conference Welcome Amy Schulenburg
9:15am Keynote: Focus on Strengths: Imagine the possibilities! Prof Winnie Dunn We will take a close look at what it means to be a truly strengths based clinician. To do this we need to listen to those we serve, become informed about the evidence, change our minds and change our practices.
10:15am Morning Tea
10:45am Pathways to autism: Social neuroscience, social competence Prof Vicki Anderson Explore the biological bases of social competence within a theoretical framework and describe approaches to assessment of these skills. Social skills and interactions form the foundation of human consciousness. They emerge gradually through childhood and adolescence, through a dynamic interplay between the individual and their environment. They are central to the child’s capacity to develop and sustain lasting relationships and participate and function within the community.
11:45am Presenter Changover
11:50am Supporting resilience for clients on the autism spectrum Yenn Purkis Yenn Purkis explores resilience for clinicians: both in their work with clients and also with parents, educators and employers.
12:50pm Lunch
1:45pm Workshop Session 1 Prof Winnie Dunn In this session you will spend some time doing a self-assessment regarding your current practice and develop strategies to improve your participation-based/strengths-based skills when working with clients. You will also practice strategies that can be used directly with your clients to build their own skills in this area.
2:45pm Changeover Time
2:50pm Workshop Session 2 Prof Vicki Anderson
3:50pm Changeover Time
3:55pm Workshop Session 3 Yenn Purkis In this workshop we will discuss and practice practical strategies around resilience including: language and messaging to use when talking about resilience and strategies to help parents, educators and employers to practice resilience. You will have an opportunity to practice these skills through the exploration of several case studies.
5:00pm Conference Close Amy Schulenburg